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Times they are a-changin’ fast. I don't know about you, but I've felt like I've been on a roller coaster with so much negative and positive things coming at me and changing daily. Through all of this, I’ve been trying to find the positive in each day and have been so impressed by my colleagues, friends and family who’ve been doing the same — despite facing some serious challenges ahead. That got me thinking… My friend and mentor Ilise Benun, has been one of the most positive lights these past weeks and has been throwing out words of wisdom left and right. I can't thank her enough. So, I decided to take one of her positive sayings from earlier this week and design a quick poster to hang in my now home office:

I have to say, just seeing this every morning when I start work has really made a difference in shifting my perspective.

Now it's your turn...

We want to bring your positive affirmations and words of wisdom to life!

  • Submit your affirmation (up to 20 words)

  • We’ll take your words and transform them into a typographic design and send you a free 8.5 x 11 downloadable  that you can print to brighten your office, kids bedroom, back porch, kitchen, garage, bunker or wherever you happen to be spending most of your time these days. 

  • We’ll share the inspirational design for others to see on social media and on this site and give you a shout out (unless you’re shy and want to remain anonymous...that's cool).

This is a big experiment…I hope you’re up for the fun. Let’s all make something beautiful — together.